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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject Re: mod_webapp
Date Wed, 18 Jul 2001 16:10:24 GMT
> > Nope... The official _stable_ WARP code is distributed with Tomcat 4.0, and
> > resides in that CVS... The one you download from jakarta-tomcat-connectors
> > is the "working copy"... As soon as I tag a "stable" version, that gets
> > copied over into the official repository...
> So we will need to explain this in the README.txt. If the idea is to have the
> developement version in jakarta-tomcat-connectors and the maintenance mode one
> in Tomcat 4.0 that is great! (Otherwise it is confusing...).

"Aaron is pro README."

j-t-c could really use a STATUS file as well...i'll attach the boilerplate
STATUS to give us something to work with.

> > If will change apjava.m4, so that if you don't specify --with-jdk, you won't
> > compile java (remove the compile task, and remove all dependancies)
> > sometimes in the future... Now it's not a priority (the priority is to have
> > that piece of shit to pass the watchdog tests, soooooo....).
> > 
> > Maybe next week.
> The CVS I have does not compile because apr_socket_create()... It misses the
> inherit parameter!
> APR has added it to the apr_socket_create(). Should I fix it or just tell we
> need a tagged APR (like APACHE_2_0_20).

Actually hold off on this, I think the function params will go back to normal


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