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Subject Re: JSP -en- masse mapping
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2001 11:01:31 GMT
Not easy - you may need a modified mod_jk for that. 

The handler name is jakarta-servlet, but the current module does some
work in translate(), to determine which protocol and tomcat instance to
use. The change is probably easy, configure/use a default protocol and
instance and use it.

The original intention was to not do mappings in mod_jk, but use the
apache internal mechanisms ( exactly what you want for this case ), but we
ended up duplicating the url mapper in translate() because of differences
between mapping rules.

In particular, for JSPs you may have problems if a pathInfo is used -
Apache will treat them as JSPs, but tomcat will not ( since pathInfo is
not permited for extenison mapped programs ). ( that shouldn't be a big
problem, as tomcat will just return 404 - which is the correct behavior
in the spec )

If your are concerned because there is too much to configure - that will
be resolved in Ajp14. The real problem is scalability - I'm not sure how
well the current mechanism ( with duplicated mapping ) will work. I hope
to solve this in Apache20 by using the configuration API that would allow
ajp14 to register mappings ( and avoid the second translation ), or by
improving the current httpd.conf generation.

The main reason we stoped was the difference in mapping definitions, and I
still don't know any good solution to that problem.


On Sat, 23 Jun 2001, Dirk-Willem van Gulik wrote:

> On a site with lots of virtual hosts and .jsp files just about everywhere
> on lots of directory levels I was looking for a way to simplify and
> clarify the config. (Running tomcat 3.2.1 and mod_jk).
> But I've not been able to find in the documentation the right sort of
> magic to do something like:
>         AddHandler      jakarta-script  .jsp
> rather than the
>         JkMount         /*.jsp  ajp12
>         JkMount         /Foo/*.jsp  ajp12
> 'per-directory' looking kina jsp mapping. Is there any way to do this
> easily; (I know that the above happens to work) or am I just silly and do
> RTFM/source code again ?
> Any pointers appreciated.
> Dw

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