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Subject AjpXXPacket
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2001 01:20:36 GMT
Ok, first change. 

Would it be ok with you if I just drop Ajp14Packet in jk, and use the 
"plain" ByteChunk, plus a Ajp14Marshall to implement the marshaling on
top of ByteChunk ? 

The idea is that ( someday - soon I hope ) ByteChunk will be able ( via a
Liaison or the o.a.t.util.compat ) to interoperate with nio, and I want to 
keep all communication around the buffers ( to make my life easier when I
do that ).

It would also help simplify the code.

Another issue ( I already mentioned it ) - can we make Ajp14 independent,
and remove the Ajp13 code from j-t-c/../tomcat33 ( the implementation from 
the main tree will remain and be used until Ajp14 is ready ) ?

I'm now able to authenticate, there are few problems after that - but I
hope tommorow I'll be able to use Ajp14 for most things. It's looking very
good ( I still can't believe how easy it was to build ! ) 


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