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Subject Re: ~rant~ Docs, user list, etc.
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 07:53:25 GMT
On Thu, 14 Jun 2001, Robert Slifka wrote:

> Rather than continue to bludgeon people with documentation they refuse to
> read (as one poster writes, "...hence i would like to get your ideas rather
> than just reading through the docs") is there something else that can be
> done?
> Or maybe a configuration validation program that does more than just check
> syntax (a la httpd's)?

I like this idea - but more usefull would be a simple InstallShield ( or
whatever ) installer for windows ( the RPMs on linux are magic, soon I
might forget how to install :-), maybe for other platforms ( since most
installers can now generate cross platform things ).

And few additions to the /admin application - like making it look decent
and useable ( we already have a lot of functionality and it's simple to 
add new admin pages - but it needs someone to take "ownership" and
coordinate the effort ).


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