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From Robert Slifka <>
Subject ~rant~ Docs, user list, etc.
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 13:32:21 GMT
I've only recently re-subscibed to the user list, but so far, since last
summer, the average quality of question seems way down.  I guess it's a
testament to Tomcat's increasing popularity.  People think, "oh, Tomcat!"
then they come here and email to the user list, "How do i install and
configure Tomcat?"  I'm sure the committers get this all the time, but in
2-3 days of answering questions, I've started to get personal emails as

Rather than continue to bludgeon people with documentation they refuse to
read (as one poster writes, "...hence i would like to get your ideas rather
than just reading through the docs") is there something else that can be

Maybe more mailing lists than just user?  tomcat-apache, tomcat-install,

Or maybe a configuration validation program that does more than just check
syntax (a la httpd's)?

I'm trying to take some intiative here, but I've been out of the loop since
Oct 2000 or so =)

Thoughts anyone?

- r

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