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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: #define JK_VERSION in j-t-c (doesn't exist)
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 13:21:08 GMT
>OK, I get that but the Domino connector (in particular) is fairly
>immature -- it's quite likely that bugs will be found that would affect
>both people using stable Tomcat releases and those on the development
>track -- it would nice to fix any such bugs in a single source file.

The Domino connector will be marked experimental as long you didn't
find it stable. Don't worry Apache 1.3 users won't compile use Domino
connector code :)

>I suppose my requirement is unusual in that the Domino connector is
>available both as a retrofit for current Tomcat releases and as part of
>the j-t-c development track -- most other connector code will have been
>frozen as part of the relevant Tomcat release. If the versioning
>information isn't useful to other people I'll happily sort my 
>requirements some other way, but I'm still inclined to use #if/#endif
>with some suitable swicth to bracket code that's only usable with the
>latest jk code.

As I said Domino need to be compiled. It could be marked as experimental
and only Domino users will have this warning.

Why did we start j-t-c ?

- a connector is mainly native code, how to build apxs or use autoconf
  has nothing to do in tomcat dev/users list. I hope we could have a
  separate dev/users lists later.

- mod_jk is in TC 3.2 and 3.3. Thegeneral rules for TC 3.2 is to freeze 
  features and only correct bugs. 
  I add some features (AP2.0 support, TimeStamp in log, more robust handling

  of Tomcat failure or reboot) in the mod_jk for TC 3.3 and now the version
  have diverged :! 
  Frankly having 2 code branchs to support is too just much job.
  And then Kevin proposed the ajp13 port to TC 4.0, and so the need for 
  an independant repository

- a connector could/should be independant from the core container
  and we could have a different release rate.

- j-t-c make possible reflexion on how to build connections 
  common to TC 3.2/3.3/4.0. See the excellent Coyote Proposal which live 
  now in jtc.

We're far from a release, we have to finish ajp14 in mod_jk, ease
of warp under Apache 1.3/2.0 (rpm/apr...).

And Coyote as a specialised HTTP ORB, is an excellent area of reflexion
request/services in the HTTP/WWW world. 

So Domino could be alpha or beta quality, it should be in all j-t-c release,
millenium, beta, final....

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