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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: #define JK_VERSION in j-t-c (doesn't exist)
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 12:26:22 GMT
>OK, but I was thinking of something numeric so it could easily 
>be tested
>at compile time, for example
>#if defined(JK_VERSION) && JK_VERSION >= 1
>    ... newer stuff ...
>Strings are fine for user readable versioning, but hard to test at
>compile time.

I understand better there :=)

Instead of avoid #ifdef/#endif in all the sources, we'll use the 
CVS and make release. People who want STABLE release, will grab
a STABLE SNAPSHOT. JTC developpers will continue from CVS.
>b) People working on the cutting edge j-t-c stuff who will be using the
>latest versions of everything.
>Ideally I'd like the source for the connector to be the same in either
>case with conditional stuff to include functionality required by later
>jk versions. I assume this would be useful for other connector
>developers too.

Let be carefull here since having too much #ifdef/#endif will 'pollute'
the code. I'd like better have the EXPERIMENTAL switch as used  

>As to the mapping between textual versions and numeric one way to do it
>would be to reserve a certain number of digits for each part of the
>version string so you'd have something like this:
>     1.0.1 ==>  10001
>    12.3.6 ==> 120306


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