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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: ~rant~ Docs, user list, etc.
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 05:56:24 GMT
>> Or maybe a configuration validation program that does more 
>than just check
>> syntax (a la httpd's)?
>I like this idea - but more usefull would be a simple 
>InstallShield ( or
>whatever ) installer for windows 

We could use the NullSoft install system instead of InstallShield.
HTTP team use MSI (Microsoft Software Installer) but I'm not sure
it's available on all Windows release (may be just WinNT/Win2K)

>( the RPMs on linux are magic, soon I
>might forget how to install :-), maybe for other platforms ( since most
>installers can now generate cross platform things ).

We should add a DEB (Debian package) and PKG used by Solaris. 
If there is people on the list who have to .deg/.pkg, may we 
suggest them send their build file. I could commit the .spec
for RPM building with it's companion files (patches, init...)

What about adding that in subdirs in tomcat src/build/pkg : ?

jakarta-tomcat/src/build/pkg/DEB	(debian packaging)
jakarta-tomcat/src/build/pkg/RPMS	(redhat packaging)
jakarta-tomcat/src/build/pkg/MSI	(microsoft install system)
jakarta-tomcat/src/build/pkg/NIS  (nullsoft install system)
jakarta-tomcat/src/build/pkg/PKG  (solaris pkg system)

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