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From GOMEZ Henri <>
Subject RE: AJP14 Suggestion
Date Wed, 06 Jun 2001 12:48:52 GMT
>I want to know how the developers think about adding a request 
>id to ajp14 
>requests, which is then presented back in the response phase.

ajp14 is in it's early stage and a uniq request id could be added
but how will you use it ?

>We had serious trouble in diagnosing problems with tomcat 3.2 
>related to 
>bug 728 (SimplePool synchronization issue).
>The problem caused customers in an ecommerce application to receive 
>responses which belonged to other requests, i.e. were meant to 
>be seen by 
>some other customer. This bug is fixed now, but I wonder if 
>one could make 
>the whole request-response handling more robust by adding an id to the 
>request. This id should then be given back by te response, preferably 
>during a very late phase. The requesting component could then 
>check, if the 
>request and response ids are the same.

Very strange, but are you sure the web-server must trash incorrect
replies (ie without the matching id ?) 

>If furthermore the id would be part of the servlet 
>infrastructure, then 
>application developers could take the id and pass it on the 
>server etc.
>I know, that at the moment this is not contained in a standard 
>or existing 
>product, but in a situation where money is involved on the 
>customer side, 
>people implementing solutions with tomcat would poosibly like 
>very much 
>such checking possibilities.

That something I know well in my day job...

>Once again: we had a hard time and were missing such a 
>possibility a lot. 
>In Tomcat 3.2 you can easily produce stress test situations 
>where a request 
>gets as response body two valied bodies concatenated, one of 
>them belonging 
>to another request, or some other body, or no body at all, or 
>a corrupted 
>one. An id would at least make sure the response belongs to 
>the right request.
>In the apache 1.3 szenario, the id would have to be generated 
>by mod_jk!
>Any comments?

The request id could be easily added, ie a 32 bits incrementing
id but I'd like to know the others developpers opinion....

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