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From Jeffrey Altman <>
Subject mod_jk for Apache 2.0 not building on Red Hat 6
Date Thu, 01 Jan 1970 00:00:00 GMT
I'm sorry if this is the wrong mailing list to request help for mod_jk
for Apache 2.0.  If it is, please point me in the proper direction.

I am attempting to build mod_jk for Apache 2.0 on Red Hat 6.0.  I'm
using the script.  Unfortunately, the command


does not produce an output file and it does not indicate
why.  The file .libs/libmod_jk.a is being produced.  Does anyone have
any suggestions as to where I should look to determine why the .so
file is not being produced?


 Jeffrey Altman * Sr.Software Designer      C-Kermit 7.1 Alpha available
 The Kermit Project @ Columbia University   includes Secure Telnet and FTP             using Kerberos, SRP, and          OpenSSL.  SSH soon to follow.

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