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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: problem with mod_webapp
Date Fri, 29 Jun 2001 02:58:36 GMT
Donald Ball at wrote:
> in general, are tomcat developers comfortable with mod_webapp's stability?
> or is it still very much a work in progress?

It's _VERY_MUCH_ a work in progress... I am NOT DEFINITELY comfortable with
its code, and I'm the one who wrote it, soooooo :) :) :)

But until recent times I lacked of feedback. I really had a very hard time
to find out what was actually going on on other environments and see some
bugs (it works on OS/X :).

I had a few hints last week  when I did put it in "production" on Nagoya,
then some feedback from Francesco from Italy (yeah! we rock!), Thom from
Borland and few others (Brian P. Millet, you...).

I finally got what's pretty much fucked up with the code right now, and I
hope to be able to post a new and more stable/compliant release of it over
the next week (if the JSR-096 flamewar doesn't get too hot! :)

All I can say is that right now I'm so happy to see that few people gave me
feedback on that piece of code that I thought nobody really cared about,
somehow I got a reason to go on developing it...

It's 4 AM right now in London, so, I'd better get some sleep, but thank you
again for the help... More people telling me that mod_webapp doesn't work,
more motivated I am to fix the bugs...

    Pier (who definitely had a _great_ day today)

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