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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Connectors in Nightly builds?
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 22:52:43 GMT
Thom Park at wrote:

> Hello Pier,
> thanks for the reponse - I'm impressed by the large set of platforms that
> you can build on. The best I can do is Win 2000, Linux 6 and Solaris ;-)

Doesn't come for free... It took me months to set the infrastructure, and as
I said several times, it was built for Apache. Currently it's used by the
APR guys, but anyone is welcome to use it...

> I'd just be happy to see the sources back in the tomcat nightly downloads.
> I find that pulling the individual files out of CVS not the best way to go
> for me (I use a snapshot approach).

That can be done easily, if all you need are sources, I can have a script to
pull them out of CVS and put them on line...

> I'm fascinated by the mod_webapp provider model - it's extremely flexible,
> and, yes, I'm experimenting with an alternative provider to warp. (Not
> there's anything wrong with warp - I just have some additional needs that
> warp (and mod_jk) don't cater for).

Whoha. Some non-Italian who actually _looked_ at it. I'm flattened. Now a
question comes right back... What are the needs that WARP doesn't address?

> If you need any help with the native-code side of things that then please
> let me know!

F**K YEAH! :) First of all I'd need someone to check why when mod_webapp is
loaded, mod_cgi stops working on Solaris 8... (Right now I'm doing some
updates to the protocol - and that's why I want to know what your additional
needs are)


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