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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Connectors in Nightly builds?
Date Tue, 26 Jun 2001 02:19:23 GMT
Thom Park at wrote:
> my Apologies,
> I'm referring to the Tomcat 4 nightly builds.
> Recent downloads of the source archives for tomcat 4 lacks the connector
> sub-directory and corresponding source files.
> I'm particularly interested in the mod_webapp stuff but, of course, wouldn't
> mind a version of mod_jk that worked with tomcat 4 ;-)

Regarding mod_webapp, now that the service invocation stuff is more or less
in good state (and I have to switch my mind away from it), I'm going to fix
a reasonable amount of bugs I received in the last few weeks.

The plan is to have watchdog and tomcat tests running all just fine before
Craig gets back from vacation (at least that's what I promised him :)

Regarding nightly builds, it's hard, as it's all native code. I have a few
boxes over here that one day will become a tinderbox-like environment
(that's all is) but I don't envision a full "build" of
WebApp on all platforms done automatically before the end of the summer (if

One thing I can produce right now are binaries for Linux RH71 on i386,
MacOS/X on PPC, HPUX 10.20 on PA-RISC and Solaris 8 on both i386 and Sparc,
but apart from that, I can't do that much...


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