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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject [T4] Three things
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 01:44:51 GMT
#1. I have been able to compile Tomcat 4 for the FIRST time in about 6
months without a lot of painful work. Woo hoo!

#2. The latest cvs version fixes about 99% of the speed issues that once
existed. Things are MUCH MUCH MUCH faster than before.

I say 99% because there still seems to be a small slowness during looks something like this (from the turbine.log file)...

[Wed Jun 06 18:36:26 PDT 2001] -- INFO -- Finish Initializing service
(late): UploadService
[Wed Jun 06 18:36:32 PDT 2001] -- INFO -- Start Initializing service (late):

Before the fix, there would be several of these largish delays and they
would take between 9-10 seconds each, now I'm only seeing this one largish

#3. I still haven't gotten a chance to test all the classloader stuff. I
will report back when I have tested it.



"Open source is not available to commercial companies."
            -Steve Balmer, CEO Microsoft

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