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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [T4] Three things
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 15:35:32 GMT
Quoting Jon Stevens <>:

> #1. I have been able to compile Tomcat 4 for the FIRST time in about 6
> months without a lot of painful work. Woo hoo!

Champagne !
The new based build is much easier :)

> #2. The latest cvs version fixes about 99% of the speed issues that
> once
> existed. Things are MUCH MUCH MUCH faster than before.
> I say 99% because there still seems to be a small slowness during
> looks something like this (from the turbine.log file)...
> [Wed Jun 06 18:36:26 PDT 2001] -- INFO -- Finish Initializing service
> (late): UploadService
> [Wed Jun 06 18:36:32 PDT 2001] -- INFO -- Start Initializing service
> (late):
> MapBrokerService
> Before the fix, there would be several of these largish delays and they
> would take between 9-10 seconds each, now I'm only seeing this one
> largish
> delay...

I don't really know what you're doing there (but I think I'll look at the source
code ;))
If you're loading tons of classes or something like that, static resource access
(at least the initial access) can be a bit slow right now. If you look at the
implementation, it's because of a largely innefficient reuse of the attributes
base classes from the JNDI base package. That can be fixed easily, and would get
the performance back to about the same as the direct FS access.

> #3. I still haven't gotten a chance to test all the classloader stuff.
> I
> will report back when I have tested it.


Remy (still @J1)

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