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From Larry Isaacs <>
Subject RE: 3.3: nightly, updating the parser, options
Date Thu, 21 Jun 2001 15:56:35 GMT
Hi Costin,

I'm fine with including these if you are confident that they don't
contain any show stoppers and can be done quickly.  I go on vacation
this Saturday for a week.  As a result, I can't wait too long before
putting Milestone 4 together. I'm was hoping to get the bulk of the
files there tonight so I can fix mistakes on Friday, if needed.

Are we still "go" for enabling Jasper34 by default?  I have been
working on other small problems and haven't actually tried Jasper34


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> Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 4:19 AM
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> Subject: 3.3: nightly, updating the parser, options
> Hi,
> I'm working on restoring the nightly build&test, probably this evening
> we'll have them ( I was close last night ).
> Few issues, need feedback: 
> - I would like to update to the latest jaxp, we are still 
> building with
> jaxp1.0 ( it's about the default build, of course you can build/use
> whatever you want ). 
> - There are few module options that are set for "backward
> compatibility" right now, but it would be very usefull otherwise.
> One is the "autodeploy" ( detect when the .WAR file changes, 
> and redeploy
> and reload the context - same as if a .class file changes ). 
> The other is the vhost-based layout for the webapps dir (
> use webapps/, with DEFAULT as keyword for the 
> main host ). That would allow easier auto-configuration for 
> virtual hosts.
> ( as you should know, the location of webapp and it's behavior can be
> easily controlled in server.xml, it's just a matter of setting the
> default).
> In the configurations, I would also like to change the log options in
> examples to go to the default logger ( instead of examples.log ). I am
> going to fix some modules to use the context logger for all 
> the messages
> where a context is available ( so a context log file will have all the
> informations related with a context, and the "main" logger 
> will be used
> only for bad requests and server-wide events. ). I think this is the
> correct behavior, but that would mean people will no longer see the
> /examples logs in the console window. 
> Costin

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