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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject Some Tomcat JSP Performance Numbers
Date Thu, 07 Jun 2001 22:12:01 GMT
I thought it might be interesting to contribute some quickly taken JSP 
performance figures for tomcat.

The numbers were not taken especially for the list, so the setting might 
look a little strange.

All Measurements were short-time, typically running app. 2 minutes. I used 
a very simple JSP, with a page directive setting session to false, then a 
configurable sleep and then just writing out a stupid HTML-Page of varying 

I varied the number of simulated client threads (concurrent requests), size 
of JSP output, number of server CPUs an finally I put apache and tomcat on 
seperate servers.


Apache 1.3.14, Tomcat 3.2.2-beta2, AJP13, Solaris 2.6, JDK 1.2.1_03
HTTP-client simulation on another system, simulating 100 clients (differing 
numbers are mentioned),
100Mbit switched Ethernet between the systems,
Plattform webserver and client simulator seperate Sun E420R 4CPU/4GB, 400MHz
Apache andTomcat running on the same system, last two szenarios I put them 
on different servers,


Apache uses max 256 Processes, AJP13-Pool max 256 Threads
TCP/IP close_wait_interval 30 Sec


variable Output Size, no Sleep

Size          Used Bandwidth    Performance
25Bytes       -                 430 JSP/sec
1KB           -                >400 JSP/sec
4KB           2MBit/16MBit      415 JSP/sec
16KB          2MBit/44MBit      310 JSP/sec

variable Sleeps, 1KB Size of Output

Sleep     Performance
    0ms   >400 JSP/sec
  100ms    360 JSP/sec
  400ms    185 JSP/sec
1600ms     60 JSP/sec

variable Number of Client-Threads, no Sleep, 25 Bytes Size of Output

Clients  Performance
200      330 JSP/sec
175      360 JSP/sec
150      380 JSP/sec
125      405 JSP/sec
100      415 JSP/sec
  75      435 JSP/sec
  50      380 JSP/sec
  25      225 JSP/sec

variable Number of CPUs, no Sleep, 25 Bytes Size of Output

CPUs  Performance
4     430 JSP/sec
3     395 JSP/sec
2     320 JSP/sec
1     195 JSP/sec

And now two measurements with apache, tomcat and the client simulation 
running on three different systems of the above type:

no Sleep, 25 Bytes Size of Output

Clients  Performance
100      530 JSP/sec
200      370 JSP/sec

Again seperated, but variable Number of CPUs, no Sleep, 25 Bytes Size of Output

CPUs  Performance
4     500 JSP/sec
2     510 JSP/sec
1     415 JSP/sec

Rainer Jung

kippdata informationstechnologie GmbH
Bornheimer Stra├če 33a
D-53111 Bonn

Tel.: +49/0228/98549-0
Fax:  +49/0228/98549-50

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