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From Alex Fernández <>
Subject Re: Configuring Tomcat 3.3 for Cactus use
Date Thu, 28 Jun 2001 17:15:33 GMT
Costin, wrote:
> >       tomcat -config server.xml
> > passing a new server.xml file. Can I do something similar in Tomcat 3.3?
> > I cannot find a similar option in the docs; I believe it's ignoring it.
> Of course. Everything that works in 3.2 should also work ( better ) in 3.3
> :-) ( or we have a bug to fix )
> I'll check that. ( the syntax of server.xml should also be compatible - in
> the sense that 3.3 still accepts the 3.2 syntax, even if it defaults to a
> simpler one - the one used by ant )

I tried it with Tomcat 3.3 and it doesn't work anyway I try. It spits
out the server.xml, with <autodeploy.../> and everything.

I'm cross-posting this to Jakarta Commons, just in case Vincent Massol
has found a similar problem. In essence, I'm trying out Cactus 1.1 with
Tomcat; but instead of using Tomcat 3.2, I'm starting Tomcat 3.3m4. I
get the following message:

     [java] ERROR reading
     [java] At Line 5 /Server/Logger/ name=tc_log
     [java] Java Result: 1

Probably, I'm doing something terribly wrong -- since Costin states
above that it should work with the -config option.

<ad>Cactus is Jakarta's J2EE test framework; try it out, it's great

Un saludo,


> > If this is not possible, perhaps I should add a new .xml file to the
> > /conf directory and make it run with it? Can Tomcat 3.3 use webapps that
> > are not inside /webapp?
> Sure. Just create a new conf/apps-myApp.xml ( using the apps-example.xml
> as template ), pointing to the dir.
> It can also autoload all the apps from a different directory - in
> server.xml you can add a new <AutoWebApp dir="/mywebapp" host="DEFAULT" />
> You can specify a different virtual host, of course, or set it to
> use the first level of subdirs as virtual host that will be added
> automatically and the second for cotnext names in that host.
> You'll also need to add an <AutoDeploy> if you want .war files expanded
> ( the current config defaults to the previous behavior, .war files
> expanded in the same dir - but you can keep them separated ).
> Speaking of that, you can also try the auto-reload feature when changing
> the .war file ( which should be re-deployed and the app reloaded ).
> Costin

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