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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Re: [jtc] anybody build iis plugin lately
Date Sun, 24 Jun 2001 09:56:31 GMT
GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> >I've fixed isapi.dsp and added an nmake Makefile (isapi.mak).
> >I also had
> >to fix a vouple of syntax errors in jk_isapi_plugin.c that I think were
> >changes that Henri made in an attempt to bring the IIS
> >connector in line
> >with the latest jk code.
> Right and in the IIS case I still didn't tried to rebuilt on my W2K
> machine. But I've got a VC6 now loaded and if you put a nmake I could
> test before commit :)

I'm building an NT test machine here so I can test the IIS stuff before
I commit it here.

> >One of the changes Henri had made was similar to a change he
> >made in the
> >Domino connector. For now I've commented out the lines in question,
> >which I don't think will break anything, but to incorporate that change
> >fully in the Domino connector I had to make some non trivial changes to
> >the code to defer initialisation of the worker map until the first
> >request is seen by the connector. I think I'd have to do the same thing
> >with the IIS connector to make it work (basically the problem is that
> >Henri's code is looking for the name of the server which isn't
> >available
> >either from IIS or from Domino until you're inside a real request).
> I've update worker open() proc to have this information at init/validate
> time. If we couldn't have this information at init time, we'll have a
> problem with autoconf support since we NEED to log to servlet-engine
> BEFORE processing any REQUEST since we MUST GRAB all the URI the
> remote tomcat could handle ....

For the Domino connector (which sees /every/ request the server gets
remember) I do the init in the first request the filter sees, which is
early enough to catch even the case where that first request should be
routed to Tomcat. I don't think this should make any difference from
Tomcat's point of view.

The only reason for doing it this way is to be able to fill in
worker_env.server_name. The name of the server isn't available either
with IIS or Domino until the first request passes through the filter.

> Thanks for any information on init stage !!!

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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