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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Re: [jtc] anybody build iis plugin lately
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2001 09:06:16 GMT
kevin seguin wrote:
> when i try to use jtc/jk/native/iis/isapi.ds[wp], i get errors that look
> like this:
> The file
> g:\dev\jakarta\jakarta-tomcat-connectors\jk\native\iis\isapi.dsp has
> been modified and cannot be loaded as a Developer Studio project.

I haven't noticed that with IIS, but I got the same thing when I hand
edited the dsapi.dsp file for the Domino connector. It seems that,
although Microsoft have implemented a textual file format for the Visual
Studio project files if you actually edit them outside Visual Studio
something breaks! This is presumably to protect us from ourselves.
Please don't get me started...

I've just verified here that some types of edit are OK on dsp files so
I'm not sure what triggers this message.

In the absence of anyone else volunteering I'd be happy to have a look
at this -- I've got several IIS boxes (for my sins) on which I can test

> ideas??
> by the way, it'd be nice to have an nmake file here...  if someone could
> generate one :)

I can probably do that too unless anyone else is a more appropriate

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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