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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Re: [jtc] tabs policy??
Date Sat, 23 Jun 2001 00:24:45 GMT
Here we go... ;-)

I like tabs set to four spaces, tabs in source rather than spaces and
opening braces on a new line. How evil does that make me?

Actually I was just wondering the other day how easy it would be to do
smart de-tabbing on source -- i.e. how easily can you infer the original
tab size given some arbitrary source file. Of course it's easy enough
for a human, but how much syntax awareness would you need to do it

kevin seguin wrote:
> so, is there a tabs policy in jakarta?  like the number of spaces per
> tab (4 vs. 8), of no tabs in source code?  i ask because i just got the
> latest jtc source, and when i open up some of the files in emacs (in
> which i have tab width set to 8 spaces), some lines are indented 4
> spaces, and some 8.  what it looks like is someone used an editor with
> tabs configured to be 4 spaces, but insert tab characters rather than
> spaces.  anyway, it's quite unreadable, so that why i ask ;)  (i hope
> this doesn't start a war ;-))

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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