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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject Re: #define JK_VERSION in j-t-c (doesn't exist)
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 09:51:14 GMT
GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> >Ah. So it's really the jk version I need then so people can build the
> >connector whether they have the latest j-t-c source or something like
> >the Tomcat 3.2 source distro. It would be useful to have an API version
> >number somewhere.
> * mod_jk in TC 3.2 is +/- frozen (only major bugs fixe) :
>  we could version it : 1.0.x
> * mod_jk in TC 3.3 is not frozen but there will be no major feature added :
>  we could version it : 1.1.x
> * mod_jk in J-T-C will continue its evolution :
>  we could version it : 1.2.x
> >How about
> >
> >#define JK_EXPOSED_VERSION ("mod_jk/1.1a1")  <== exists now
> >#define JK_VERSION 1                         <== proposed
> >
> >in jk_global.h? There should be some defined mapping between
> >the version
> >string and the number too I suppose.
> May we use something like Apache 2.0 :
> #define JK_MODULE_BASEPRODUCT   "mod_jk"
> #define JK_MODULE_BASEREVISION  "1.2.0-dev"

OK, but I was thinking of something numeric so it could easily be tested
at compile time, for example

#if defined(JK_VERSION) && JK_VERSION >= 1
    ... newer stuff ...

Strings are fine for user readable versioning, but hard to test at
compile time.

> But what do you means by users building from j-t-c or 3.2/3.3 ?

I think the two groups of people who will be interested in the source
for this (and other) connectors are:

a) People using one of the stable releases and wanting to use it with
the web server of their choice. They will have downloaded the
appropriate Tomcat source and may have grabbed the connector source from
either or as part of the latest j-t-c release.

b) People working on the cutting edge j-t-c stuff who will be using the
latest versions of everything.

Ideally I'd like the source for the connector to be the same in either
case with conditional stuff to include functionality required by later
jk versions. I assume this would be useful for other connector
developers too.

As to the mapping between textual versions and numeric one way to do it
would be to reserve a certain number of digits for each part of the
version string so you'd have something like this:

     1.0.1 ==>  10001
    12.3.6 ==> 120306

which has the advantage that the numerical representation increases
monotonically and linearly with increases in textual version.

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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