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From jean-frederic clere <>
Subject Re: JNI support in mod_jk : Was: kills apache 1.3.19 on tru64 v5.1
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 08:20:00 GMT
GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> >Henri, I've attached jni.h for you to look at.
> Thanks.
> I take a look at it. The jni.h enforce you to have _REENTRANT defined.
> If you take a look in jk_mt.h (sort of thread wrapper), you'll see
> that if _REENTRANT is defined, the wrapper consider you're running
> in a multi-thread env (like Apache 2.0) and make use of some
> pthread call like (pthread_mutex_init, pthread_mutex_lock,...).
> That's why your new build failed since you've built apache with
> pthread required.
> >I've noticed from the tomcat-user mailing list that I'm not
> >the only one who's
> >had problems getting working with apache and tomcat
> >on Tru64 UNIX. Do
> >you have any idea why this is so? I've had no problems on my
> >personal solaris 8
> >machine.
> Solaris like many others OS didn't require the _REENTRANT defined.
> What I propose you it to switch to jakarta-tomcat-connector where I should
> add a switch in mod_jk to determine if you want jni support.
> Also JF Clere as done a great job in adding autoconf support and static
> build.
> Another very bad hack could be to add the HPUX11GCC define and remove
> jk_jni_worker.c from the list of source files to be compiled.
> Just take a look at
> What about having a flag in autoconf stuff to activate jni support ?
> Jean-Frédéric, could you add a switch to configure adding the jni flag or
> may be better just have it disable when  --with-java-home is not set.

In work!

> The rules will be :
> - you want jni, set the java flags in configure.
> - you don't care about jni, don't set java flags in configure.
> Many sites use mod_jk in ajp12/ajp13 mode and didn't make use of jni.
> It will help many users/dev to build mod_jk on their platform (HPUX,
> TRUEUnix, OpenBSD).

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