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From Aaron Bannert <>
Subject Re: [tomcat-dev] [J-T-C] What about ajp13 refactory in java ?
Date Tue, 19 Jun 2001 17:06:07 GMT
On Tue, Jun 19, 2001 at 06:16:15PM +0200, Gomez Henri wrote:
> > I've been lurking on this list for awhile and wading through all the
> > code, and this one has been bothering me for awhile. 
> > Is there a way we could get
> > a STATUS and README file written for j-t-c? I would do it myself, but
> > honestly I'm at a loss for what would go in there.
> Hi Aaron,
> What did you need exactly ?
> in jtc you'll find 4 subdirs :
> coyote: a reflexion framework +/- on what is needed to handle HTTP request on 
> the java side.
> jk: the mod_jk native and java parts. There's build files (build.xml) for both 
> TC 4.0 and TC 3.3. Also the build configure for the native part (jk) is really 
> easy to use (just read jk/native/README.configure).
> util: a set of API used by Tomcat. There came from Tomcat 3.3 but they were 
> extracted since and put here. 
> webapp: mod_webapp/warp protocol (only ajp14)

Thank you for the details, they were very useful. I have put them together
with some other things I found scattered around in code and various other
places and compiled a README.txt that someone may wish to commit. It
needs some work in places where I am unfamiliar, but it gives us a good
place to work from.


                          Apache Tomcat Connectors


This CVS module contains the code for the Tomcat Connectors. It currently
contains two distinct connectors: jk and webapp. This module also contains
utility classes that are used by the connectors as well as Tomcat itself.
The components are:


* jk: The native and java parts of the ajp12/ajp13 [is this correct?]
  connector. Both Tomcat 4.0 and Tomcat 3.3 are supported.

* webapp: The native and java parts of the ajp14 connector, now known
  as mod_webapp and warp respectively.


* coyote: A reflexion framework +/- of what is needed to handle HTTP requests
  in Tomcat (in java). These utilities are not intended for user code.
  They are used internally by Tomcat.

* util: A set of APIs used by Tomcat. Note: these came from Tomcat 3.3
  but they were extracted for general use here.

Building Apache Tomcat Connectors

It is not necessary to build and install both connectors. [ Talk about
tradeoffs between jk and webapp. Perhaps reference some other documentation
that already does this. ]

* If you wish to build the 'jk' connector, see the documentation in 
  jk/README.txt for the java implementation, and jk/native/README.configure
  for help with the native Apache module.

* If you wish to build the 'webapp' connector, see the documentation in

Installing Apache Tomcat Connectors

[ This could use some serious work. There are a few factors that make this
  more complicated than it should be, namely using 'jk' vs 'webapp', and
  then how to install and configure for both TC 3.3 and TC 4.0. ]

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