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From Peter Horne <>
Subject My First Contribution...
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 22:27:42 GMT

I'm not sure if any others have looked at what's
required to automate the install of the ISAPI filter
on IIS/Win2k - by the time I'd finished understanding
the IIS metabase I'd completed the attached vb script.
 It does all the required metabase additions/changes
to install both as filter and an extension (the dll
does both) by creating a virtual directory and setting
all the appropriate attributes.

I've tested it pretty thouroughly - I'd appreciate any
feedback (good/bad/indifferent).

I've also got a windows installer in progress that
does it all as well - anyone interested?


 Tomcat ISAPI Redirector Installation Utility
 usage: isapi_install <server> <fdir> <worker> <mount>
<log> <level>
        server: The Web Server Name
        fdir:   the full path to the directory that
contains the isapi filter
        worker: Full path and file name of the worker
properties file
        mount:  Full path and file name of the worker
mount properties file
        log:    Full path and file name of the log
        level:  The log level emerg | info
 (Re-runs are ok and will change/reset settings)

Peter S. Horne              

To know and not to do is not to know

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