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From M B <>
Subject Tomcat Admin Web Interface
Date Thu, 14 Jun 2001 18:22:55 GMT
Hello All,

In response to the recent postings regarding Tomcat
documentation and administration (Re: ~rant~ Docs,
user list, etc.), I am willing to contribute much
effort in this area.  In addition to documentation, I
am particularly interested in helping to build an
administrative web interface for Tomcat 4.0, something
similar to JRun Management Console, for example.

Naturally, I want to coordinate my efforts with the
Tomcat community.  Can anyone please point out where I
should begin, or who I should contact?  Is there a
project for this?  The Catalina TODO identifies John
Shin as volunteer for producing an admin interface,
but I thought I should email this list before
contacting him directly.  


--- "Craig R. McClanahan" <> wrote:
> Better docs would help.  Better external resources
> (magazine articles and
> books) would help.  Software that is easier to
> configure would help.  But
> users will always be with us, and need their
> questions answered :-).
> Volunteers to do any or all of the above are welcome
> -- the committers
> will be eternally grateful!
> Craig McClanahan

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