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From "Geoff Soutter" <>
Subject [t4] FYI: usual problems building according to README...
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 04:17:46 GMT
Hi tc4 people,

I'm putting myself through the regular "build TC4 from source" hell that I
do whenever I want to test the latest version. (this is on WinNT4)

I came across the following issues, you may be aware of them already but I
thought I'd report 'em just in case...

1) It no longer builds on JDK1.2. The README indicates 1.2 or later is

I get the following errors on build dist for tomcat:

    [javac] Compiling 2 source files to
talina\servlets\ Wrong number of arguments in metho
    [javac]         proc = rt.exec(cmdAndArgs.toString(),
hashToStringArray(env), wd);
    [javac]                       ^
talina\util\ Wrong number of arguments in method.

    [javac]     proc = rt.exec(cmdAndArgs.toString(),
hashToStringArray(env), wd);
    [javac]                   ^
    [javac] 2 errors


Seems it's relying on a Runtime.exec() method overload which was added in
JDK1.3 (interesting, the @since tag is missing? weird. Hope I'm not
suffering brain-fade on this one...)

2) it seems to be depending on old versions of the projects it depends on:

For example, the bootstrap.bat file for building jakarta-ant from source
doesn't co-operate well with the other stuff.

It sets

- stuffs up the classpath (adds extra ""'s in there)
- puts ant.jar in /bootstrap/lib rather than /lib where the other build
scripts expect it.

Also, jakarta-regexp currently builds jakarta-regexp-1.3-dev.jar rather than
the jakarta-regexp-1.2.jar that the catalina build.xml expects. Seems you
can just rename the jar file or I guess you could use

cvs checkout -r RELEASE_1_2 jakarta-regexp

3) seems theres co-ordination problem between the jakarta-servletapi-4 and

When I build I get the following error:


D:\apps\jakarta\src\40b5\jakarta-servletapi-4\docs\api not found.

build dist for the servlet API does create javadoc, but they are in the
dist\docs\api dir...

Apart from that it went well though :-) I'm cookin' with gas now...

Keep cool till after school!

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