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From "Remy Maucherat" <>
Subject Re: [t4] FYI: usual problems building according to README...
Date Fri, 15 Jun 2001 04:24:05 GMT
> Hi tc4 people,
> I'm putting myself through the regular "build TC4 from source" hell that I
> do whenever I want to test the latest version. (this is on WinNT4)

It's a lot easier now, actually :)

> I came across the following issues, you may be aware of them already but I
> thought I'd report 'em just in case...
> 1) It no longer builds on JDK1.2. The README indicates 1.2 or later is
> required.

Yes indeed. It will be fixed.

> 2) it seems to be depending on old versions of the projects it depends on:

It looks like you're still using the build scripts. You shouldn't.
Instead, you should run Ant directly, and use a file. It's
really a lot easier.

> 3) seems theres co-ordination problem between the jakarta-servletapi-4 and
> jakarta-tomcat.
> When I build I get the following error:
> D:\apps\jakarta\src\40b5\jakarta-tomcat-4.0\build.xml:129:
> D:\apps\jakarta\src\40b5\jakarta-servletapi-4\docs\api not found.
> build dist for the servlet API does create javadoc, but they are in the
> dist\docs\api dir...
> Apart from that it went well though :-) I'm cookin' with gas now...

I think that's caused by 2)


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