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Subject Re: configure for jakarta-tomcat-connectors
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 14:35:39 GMT
Wow, it is so good to see development discussion on tomcat-dev, and be
able to participate :-)

I have a big question - what happens if configure/libtool is used and
different options are given for mod_jk and apache ?

I can't give a concrete example, but APXS had the big benefit that it
"cached" all the decisions taken when Apache was built, and that insured
that the same decisions were used when building modules.

I understand that most "guesses" done by configure will be the same - so
by doing configure again we'll likely get the same flags/options, but
there are some options and some special features that could affect us in
very tricky ways. 

You know all the trubles you get with KDE/Gnome when a certain binary is
linked against an older library - or the EAPI problems. It is possible
to have multiple versions of a library on a system, or to have apache
 configured to use a very specific version ( /usr/secure/libs/xxxx).


On Tue, 15 May 2001, jean-frederic clere wrote:

> GOMEZ Henri wrote:
> > 
> > >I have started a and makefile(s).in for the
> > >jakarta-tomcat-connectors.
> > >Currently I have just prepared it for Apache2.0 and Apache1.3,
> > >before going on I
> > >have some questions:
> > 
> > I tested the configure/makefile stuff and it works well but
> > could you also add the java detection for JNI support ?
> > 
> > ie: --with-java=/usr/jdk1.3.0/
> My idea is to build one connector per call of configure/make, --with-java should
> build the JNI support, correct?
> I have noted that common contains jk_jni_worker.c, should not we move it in jni?
> > 
> > Many users asked about statically compiling mod_jk in Apache,
> > could you add a --with-apache flag ?
> Yes, but we cannot use apxs for that... Following the ideas of mod_webapp we
> should libtool for this purpose.
> Then it is more easy to use libtool for everything.
> > 
> > Do you think we could add also the config dir path to have
> > default mod_jk.conf and installed ?
> > 
> > feature which could be added, is the config
> > 
> > ie: --sysconfdir=/etc/httpd/conf        (à la Redhat)
> If we use --with-apxs the conf is given by apxs, in case we use --with-apache
> yes.
> This means we need to support "make install".
> > 
> > Thanks for that contribution
> You are welcome

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