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Subject Re: ajp13 and tomcat 4
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 23:03:21 GMT
On Thu, 10 May 2001, kevin seguin wrote:

> will the ajp13 connector go in there two?  currently, it relies on core
> catalina classes to build.  if the ajp13 connector is in
> jakarta-tomcat-connector, it'll require a catalina.jar to build.  that's
> fine with me though...


jakarta-tomcat-connector will probably require at least catalina and
tomcat-3.3, but if someone is interested in using the module
with tomcat-3.2 - we'll add that too.

It's very simple with ant - just use <available> and compile the module.

You don't need all containers at the same time - except for the
"official" release ( similar with ant's optional.jar ).

> any thoughts on the directory structure in jakarta-tomcat-connector? 
> i'm assuming there's going to be common ajpxx code, then
> ajpxx-servletcontainer-connector code, then common util code (i.e.
> MessageBytes, OutputBuffer), etc..  any ideas on how this will all be
> segmented out?

I'm ok with almost anything - as long as we don't spend a week discussing
it. :-)

That's a bonus for those who do the work: they can choose the name and
style for the directories ( from the many options and styles we have on
jakarta ). 

It should be ok to use a single tree with <available>-based conditional 
compilation to start - the assumption is that the container-specific 
adapter will be reasonably small, so it wouldn't require many top-level


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