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Subject RE: Relase 3.3 status
Date Wed, 02 May 2001 15:22:59 GMT
On Wed, 2 May 2001, Larry Isaacs wrote:

> Regrettably, I have been swamped with other work for a while.
> I am currently reviewing the state of bugs to see what
> work remains.  I'll add a release notes file to show
> what we plan to fix for 3.3 and which bugs will not.
> I'll then update the schedule.  Hopefully, I will get this
> done this week.

AFAIK, there are 2-3 bugs that were fixed in 3.2.2 but we haven't put
them in 3.3 yet ( and that must be fixed before 3.3 ). 

There are about 10 bugs that are easy to fix, and will probably be
resolved during beta, and few that will probably remain unresolved 
( that depends on the time we'll have ). 

We have a number of jsp bugs, that will probably remain open for
jasper34 ( no regressions, but bugs we had since 3.1 )

For most of the "encoding" bugs - it is possible to do local ( and
reasonably simple ) fixes. The input system needs major improvements, but
that will happen probably as part of the connector "revolution" - and made
available as a separate module or in a 3.3.1 ( since we don't know how
long it'll take or how it'll look like ).


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