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Subject Re: [TC3.3]Servlet-Engine Header in ajp13 and Http10 connectors
Date Tue, 01 May 2001 18:35:30 GMT
On Tue, 1 May 2001, Ignacio J. Ortega wrote:

> Hola a todos:
> I'm wondering if the lack of "Servlet-Engine:" header in ajp13 and
> http10 connectors is intentional or a missed feature ( for not call it a
> bug as for me it's not :)  ?? 
> The same for the "Date" header in Http10 ?? 
> "Date" header is mandatory , no?

Yes, it's a bug for date, we must fix it. 

For ajp13, ajp12, jni - the server should generate the date header, 
and I would sugest to also generate the ServletEngine header in mod_jk,
to avoid sending it over the wire on each request.

The code for sending "date" is commented out in the Http1.0 connector, 
it was very inefficient - and the idea was to use the same optimization
that is used in Log ( FastDateFormat ) or copy the optimizations from 4.0
( if any ). 

Regarding mod_jk - probably we need to add a config option to mod_jk, 
with the Servlet-Engine: ( or wait for ajp14 to auto-configure mod_jk ).


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