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From Steve Downey <>
Subject [PATCH] bugs 412 and 112 for TC3.3
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 13:50:05 GMT

112 is really simple. Just a check if the TOMCAT_HOME should be '..' after
checking for '.'

412 is almost as straightforward. It's a bug in JspC, where
CommandLineContext is handed a URI with '\' s in the jspFile. Defensively,
I've added a replace in CommandLineContext's constructor. Alternatively, it
could be done by the caller. Arguably, it would make more sense in the
caller, as a URI should never have a separator other than '/'. 

In the course of these, I had to deal with a couple other regressions in
JspC. Firstly, it won't run, out of the box. JspC doesn't set up any
classloaders, and hence does not know about any of the jars other than the
boostrap ones. Adding the classloaders to JspC is a bunch of work, so I just
added a CLASSPATH for the JSPC target in tomcat.bat. 

I also added setlocal at the top of the batch file, to keep the environment
variables from leaking out when the script crashed. Also an endlocal so that
"tomcat env" would still work.

JspC also wasn't logging anything. I added some code to set up the
JASPER_LOG logger. 

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