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From Bartsch Axel <>
Subject forward a request from servlet1 in TOMCAT1 to a servlet2 in TOMCA T2
Date Fri, 18 May 2001 12:41:03 GMT

I am using TOMCAT 3.3 and the following code within servlet1 to forward a request

String url;
ServletContext sc = getServletContext();
RequestDispatcher rd = sc.getRequestDispatcher(url);

servlet1 is called as follows:

The TOMCAT directory:


from here subdirectorys 'common' and 'Web-inf' exist

servlet1 is known in web.xml

String url is defined as follows:
from servlet1 to servlet2

servlet2 is kown  in web.xml

from servlet1 to jsp2


This works fine as long as servlet1 and servlet2, servlet1 and jsp2 are located and known
in the same TOMCAT servlet engine.

My problem is:
If servlet1 and servlet2, servlet1 and jsp2 are located on 2 different instances of the TOMCAT
servlet engine the forward does not work.
The RequestDispatcher always expects a path String relative to the root of the ServletContext.
Does anybody know a solution?

Axel   Lannion/France

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