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From "Dave Oxley" <>
Subject Tomcat 4 native compnents
Date Thu, 03 May 2001 00:22:30 GMT
I have been trying to get mod_webapp compiling under Win32. I have failed 
because of the following problems:
1. wa_general.h is missing!
2. apr_main.h is not part of the standard apr distribution available from

Because of these 2 problems I didn't get too far, but a few patches and a 
.dsp file are supplied. (The patches rename boolean to wa_boolean as boolean 
is already defined)

As Tomcat 4 is looking fairly stable and feature complete these days, the 
native components are probably the bits that most people are worried about. 
When TC4 is released it shouldn't have less features than TC3.3!

So a couple of suggestions/points:

1. Could Pier possibly submit a weekly status to the dev list on the status 
of mod_webapp.
2. There are many people on this list that would like to help with 
mod_webapp. Could Pier make sure the version in CVS compiles and is updated 
more often if possible.
3. The sooner mod_webapp is beta, the sooner people can write modules for 
other web server and begin testing this important part of Tomcat.

Another point:
What happended to all the service code in Tomcat4.0. I couldn't use TC4 on 
Win32 if it couldn't be run as a service.


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