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From "Mike Braden" <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Update to Tomcat 3.3 Release Plan
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 02:45:25 GMT

Mike Braden

-----Original Message-----
From: Larry Isaacs []
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2001 12:56 PM
To: ''
Subject: [PROPOSAL] Update to Tomcat 3.3 Release Plan

Sorry to have been out of action for so long.  To bring
Tomcat 3.3 to a release, I propose the following changes
to the RELEASE-PLAN-3.3.

1) Add a Milestone 3 Release with the following details:

    Code Freeze/Tag Date:	May 12, 2001
    Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs

2) Update the Beta (1) Release details to:

    Code Freeze/Tag Date:	May 26, 2001
    Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs

    This release should have all known regressions with
    respect to Tomcat 3.2.2 fixed.

3) Add a Beta 2 Release with the details:

    Code Freeze/Tag Date:	June 2, 2001
    Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs

    This release should fix any major bugs found in the
    prior beta and any missed regressions.

4) Update the Final Release details to:

    Code Freeze Date:	June 9, 2001
    Release Manager:	Larry Isaacs

5) Add that the following Bugzilla bugs will not be addressed in Tomcat 3.3,
but may be fixed in a later release:

    Bug #75: Translation time attribute evaluation not provided to
             TagExtraInfo class
    Bug #143: Tag handlers with properties of type "Object"
    Bug #155: Quick Blurb saying "Everything is initialized"
    Bug #164: IIS Logging
    Bug #203: ` env` ruins the shell if $TOMCAT_HOME is not set
    Bug #451: ServletException displaying wrong lines in debug information
    Bug #481: Misleading exception report
    Bug #524: Can't use Apache SSI with mod_jserv
    Bug #631: RequestDispatcher.include output is in wrong order
    Bug #1057: Context Paths and numerals.
    Bug #1433: Comments are parsed inside <jsp:include> tag.

I'll begin working on the Tomcat 3.3 Milestone 3 release.  If I
don't here any objections, I'll update the RELEASE-PLAN-3.3 document


Larry Isaacs
SAS Institute Inc.

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