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From "Erik Hellman" <>
Subject connector status in tomcat 4
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 15:13:14 GMT
This summer I will be involved in a quite large project at our University
aiming to create a web-based system for administrating and presenting
course-information (and some other nifty features..). We will be using
tomcat 4 for this and apache as the webserver. The final product will be
released during the next semester (september-october).

My question is what the status is on the apache connector in tomcat 4. I've
been testing Jakarta 4 in standalone mode and is very pleased with it, but
we can't run it like that once we release the system for all our students..

Is the state of the connector good enough to start using or does it still
need alot of development? In that case I would be interrested in joining the
development on that part of tomcat. Who should I contact in this case?

Another thing I was wondering; is if there is any date planned for the
release of tomcat 4.0? I searched the archive, but didn't find anything
mentioning that. You've probably seen this question hundreds of times, or
I've missed something when searching.. :)

Erik Hellman

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