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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: connector status in tomcat 4
Date Fri, 25 May 2001 15:45:51 GMT
Erik Hellman at wrote:

> This summer I will be involved in a quite large project at our University
> aiming to create a web-based system for administrating and presenting
> course-information (and some other nifty features..). We will be using
> tomcat 4 for this and apache as the webserver. The final product will be
> released during the next semester (september-october).
> My question is what the status is on the apache connector in tomcat 4. I've
> been testing Jakarta 4 in standalone mode and is very pleased with it, but
> we can't run it like that once we release the system for all our students..
> ;)
> Is the state of the connector good enough to start using or does it still
> need alot of development? In that case I would be interrested in joining the
> development on that part of tomcat. Who should I contact in this case?
> Another thing I was wondering; is if there is any date planned for the
> release of tomcat 4.0? I searched the archive, but didn't find anything
> mentioning that. You've probably seen this question hundreds of times, or
> I've missed something when searching.. :)

Pleased to hear that we have some volunteers :) :) (That's great indeed).

The first thing to do, is check it out of the CVS and see if it compiles on
your system, there is a readme file that details what you need... Please do
it, and tell me how far you got (it's a good startpoint, indeed :)


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