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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Trying New Connectors Build Stuff
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 15:09:34 GMT
kevin seguin at wrote:
>> However, since I just recently sold management on linux/apache/tomcat as our
>> next gen platform, and I can put that on my desktop as well, it's not much
>> skin off my nose if the connectors are suboptimal on NT. <g>
> unfortunately, not all management is as enlightened as yours appears to
> be ;)  performance on windows platforms is probably going to be
> important for a lot of people.  or maybe just for me :)

I think you didn't understand what I meant for "CygWin"...
CygWin is a bunch of stuff, is basically Unix into Windows, and it comes
with a different set of tools: the GCC compiler, a set of shell tools, the
unix compatibility library and so on...
The point of using CygWin is only to use the compiler itself, and then rely
on what M$ does at OS level with the API, ignoring the unix compatibility
layer. :) We have APR for doing all that crap, and skimming thru the code,
APR is using all the Win 32 specific API, not the compatible ones provided
by the CygWin environment...

But I might be AWFULLY wrong... :) As always... And don't hesitate to
correct me if I am :)


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