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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Jasper performance
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 05:19:29 GMT
on 5/15/01 8:32 PM, "" <> wrote:

>>> +1 for the generator.
>> Considerations on the generator:
>> This will slow development down even further doing the transformation step.
> What ? Using JDK1.2 instead of JDK1.1 ?
> I doubt it, but thanks for worrying about this :-)
> Costin

Sorry, let me quote the emails a bit better so that you can understand what
I am trying to suggest. See above.

Currently Jasper output's Java code from within Java code. This is about as
fast as you are going to get because there is no intermediate transformation
step going on, just conditional output of String data entirely within Java.
While this is very fast, it also means that modifications to Jasper are damn
near impossible without reading the source code in a fair amount of detail
and doing quite a lot of testing.

Now, people are suggesting using something like XSLT to transform the .jsp
XML/XHTML file into a .java file. Because you are introducing the XSLT layer
into things, that will have a negative impact on the transformation
performance (I'm not certain how much, but I am pretty much certain it will
be more than the current system.). Given that this only happens when you are
in development mode, I think that people developing JSP pages might not like
the performance hit.

Just a word of consideration.


If you come from a Perl or PHP background, JSP is a way to take
your pain to new levels. --Anonymous

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