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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Jasper performance
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 23:59:37 GMT
on 5/15/01 2:05 PM, "Rickard Öberg" <> wrote:

> Somehow I'm not surprised by this comment ;-)

Well, if you know you have something better than JSP, then why not help
educate people about it? I'm not forcing it down your throat, I'm just
telling you that we have an alternative solution that solves the problems
you are facing so we suggest you take a look at it.


It is funny, people who used to write Perl CGI's eventually found that PHP
was a better solution because it was easier and faster than Perl CGI's. Then
they realized that all the code they embedded into their pages made them
un-maintainable so now they are looking for solutions to separate the logic
from the they come looking at JSP and find taglibs. Then they
realize JSP sucks for many various reasons so they come looking for
something else. I hope it will be Velocity because I'm one of those people
who went down the same path everyone else has gone down... :-)

> And yes, we have considered it, but we really really would like to use
> the taglibs provided by WebWork ( One
> crucial feature I couldn't immediately find in Velocity is the ability
> to jsp:include output from other servlets. Using JSP also gives us a
> well-defined way to extend the possible tags, which is a must.

It is easy in Velocity to do what you need, you have access to *any* Java
object that you place into the Context.

So, stick in the RequestDispatcher/ServletRequest/ServletResponse objects
into the Context and you can use the include() method from within your

Also, Geir added experimental support to Velocity to integrate it with
Struts. I'm sure that it can be integrated into your framework as well.


You make the decision. 


If you come from a Perl or PHP background, JSP is a way to take
your pain to new levels. --Anonymous

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