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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL/VOTE] New Repositories for Collaborative Development
Date Fri, 04 May 2001 21:19:29 GMT
Quoting "Craig R. McClanahan" <>:

> Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion on
> collaborative development, across the various Tomcat branches, on two
> major areas:
> * Web connectors
> * A new Jasper (the "jasper34" proposal)
> and efforts have begun in the HEAD branch "proposals" directory of the
> jakarta-tomcat repository.  I'd like to propose a slightly different
> approach -- create two new repositories (perhaps
> "jakarta-tomcat-connectors" and "jakarta-tomcat-jasper") to be the
> homes
> of these development efforts, independent of any of the existing code
> bases. 

Except perhaps the names. I talked with Costin, and we may want to have a more 
generic name for the first repository.

> The reasoning for this approach is as follows:
> * Avoid any appearance of politics or attachment based
>   on which repository the code is hosted in

+1 !

> * Make it easier to enforce the technical separation of
>   this code from any existing Tomcat base code (you have
>   to declare external dependencies pretty directly)
> * Avoid the need for everyone working on these shared
>   components to have *all* of the Tomcat code on all branches
>   checked out all the time -- you can focus on the repository
>   for your favorite Tomcat plus the common stuff you care about


> * Smaller CVS repositories means faster CVS checkouts for everyone
>   on daedalus, on all projects

+1 !

> Because these repositories would both be part of the overall Tomcat
> subproject, all existing and new Tomcat committers would have commit
> access to both of them, just as we all have access to "jakarta-tomcat"
> and
> "jakarta-tomcat-4.0" today.
> Comments?  Questions?  Votes?

Ok, so I'm +4 for this proposal. I guess this means I like it ;)


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