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From "Khokhlov, Albert" <>
Subject if mod_jk can be compiled statically in Apache
Date Wed, 16 May 2001 16:08:36 GMT
First of all, thanks to developers group for Tomcat & JServ products. I'm a
bit new to Tomcat so please pardon me if this issue has been addressed
before but I have followed as much as I could from the documentation and
could not find solution for my needs. 
Basically, our company has been used JServ for number of months and now we
are trying to implement Tomcat (simple replacement Jserv on Tomcat). 
With Jserv we had build Apache statically. The idea behind TOMCAT is same,
- keep Apache statically.
- build TOMCAT as out-of-process servlet engine. 
Prior to send this email to developers mailing list, I checked TOMCAT
documentation + mailing archive of Users list but could not find an answer
if I can compile mod_jk statically in Apache --with-apache flag. 
I been able to find some discussion about it under developers mailing list
but still not be able to find exact syntax for "./configure" to build mod_jk
statically on SUN Solaris platform ( all documentation refer to Apache with
DSO and "apxs" command).
If anyone from developers group will be able to answer my question, it would
be real appreciated. 
Sorry again, if I am sending this configuration question to developers list
but I could not find anything in Tomcat users list.
Awaiting kind reply.
Albert Khokhlov
Tech Lead Consultant of Global Logistics Technologies Inc (PA , USA)
- Apache 1.3.14 (will try to upgrade to 1.3.19 as soon as Tomcat installed)
- JDK 1.2.1-04 
- Solaris 7
- Tomcat 3.2.1 (trying to implement).

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