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From Peter Mutsaers <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL/VOTE] New Repositories for Collaborative Development
Date Sat, 05 May 2001 05:35:26 GMT
>> "Bip" == Bip Thelin <> writes:

    Bip> I guess more or less the only reason why TC4 hasn't been
    Bip> released as final is because the Servlet/Jsp spec's aren't
    Bip> final so when those get final I'll guess that we'll start
    Bip> working towards a "real" TC4 release. That release would then
    Bip> be the current Tomcat release and thus making TC < 4 more or
    Bip> less obsolete. Sure, user's won't be switching over

I just switched from Apache/JRUN towards Tomcat, and tested Tomcat 3.2
and 4.0 to decide which one to take (for the production site).

I found some annoyances in the latest released 3.2 version (such as
not filling in the RootCause in ServletExceptions, making tracing of
run-time errors harder), so then I tried 4.0-b3. I found it to be as
least as stable as 3.2 under some stress-testing, and also it is
clearly faster.

So I didn't even try or consider 3.3; why should I? AFAIAC using 3.3
doesn't make sense: either the latest "real" release, or something
which is better and closer to long-term development anyway, but not
"official" yet. 

I understand that TC4 isn't a real release because of the Servlet/JSP
specs aren't final yet, but that doesn't bother me, because:

Whatever still might change to the specs, they shall remain backwards
compatible with the current specs (servlet 2.2, jsp 1.1), so if I
simply use TC4 according to the current specs, and don't use any
features of the future specs, then even changes to future the specs
that TC4 implements won't have consequences. 

Peter Mutsaers  |  Dübendorf    | UNIX - Live free or die      |  Switzerland  | Sent via FreeBSD 4.3-stable

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