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From Kief Morris <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL/VOTE] Tomcat 4.0 Beta 4 Release
Date Tue, 08 May 2001 10:56:08 GMT

Craig R. McClanahan typed the following on 07:21 PM 5/7/2001 -0700
>Now that the "Proposed Final Draft 2" versions of the Servlet 2.3 and JSP
>1.2 specs have been published (with Tomcat 4.0 updated to support the
>latest changes), and a ton of bug fixes have been made, I would like to
>propose that we create a "Tomcat 4.0 Beta 4" release as follows:
>  Release Manager:  Craig McClanahan
>  Code Freeze:  Thursday, May 10, 2001 at 05:00pm Pacific Time
>See the file "RELEASE-NOTES-4.0-B4.txt" for a reasonably up-to-date list
>of the changes to date.  This document will be updated with any additional
>changes that are made, plus a list of known outstanding issues.
>Between now and the code freeze, I'd like us to focus on fixing
>outstanding bugs and catching the configuration documentation up to
>date.  I'm OK with continuing work on the new distributed session stuff in
>the mean time (as long as it is not enabled in the default
>configuration), but please hold off on making substantive changes in the
>core container until after the Beta 4 release.

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