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From Bip Thelin <>
Subject Re: JDBC session store, release date projections, etc
Date Thu, 24 May 2001 18:57:49 GMT
> "Dunlop, Aaron" wrote:
> [...]
> First: We will need to cluster application servers in front of a central database.
> We want the ability to add and remove servers from that farm in real-time,
>  without disturbing ongoing sessions. That either means storing sessions remotely
> in the central DB, or migrating sessions from one machine to another.
> We'd like to avoid being forced into using session-affinity for load balancing,
>  since in our environment, that would likely result in significantly unbalanced loads.

There is some effort going on to provide Clustering ability for TC4, currently you can
use it for in memory replication of sessions, however this feature is considered highly experimental.

> So that probably means we need JDBC session store. Correct? And if so, what (in your
> is the current state of JDBC Session Store? (Also - am I correct that it's only available
> Tomcat 4.0? Will it eventually also be available under the 3.x series?)

When it comes to storing sessions you can use either FileStore or JDBCStore, I would say that
both are considered "medium rare".


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