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From Rickard Öberg <>
Subject Re: Jasper performance
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 21:05:22 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:
> Or you could use another tool that doesn't require you to generate .java
> files first, doesn't require a boat load of caching to get decent
> performance (imagine that using JSP the " right way  " causes it to
> actually run slower???), doesn't need a complete re-write to fix it's
> problems, ...etc...
> <>

Somehow I'm not surprised by this comment ;-)

And yes, we have considered it, but we really really would like to use
the taglibs provided by WebWork ( One
crucial feature I couldn't immediately find in Velocity is the ability
to jsp:include output from other servlets. Using JSP also gives us a
well-defined way to extend the possible tags, which is a must.


Rickard Öberg
Software Development Specialist
xlurc - Xpedio Linköping Ubiquitous Research Center
Author of "Mastering RMI"

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