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From Rickard Öberg <>
Subject Re: Jasper performance
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 21:00:09 GMT wrote:
> We already added tag pooling in tomcat3.3, and that have a significant
> effect on performance if you are using tags - but that's just the
> beginning.

This is great news! Our other options was to use another engine (like
Orion or Resin), write our own JSP compiler, or not use JSP at all. Tag
pooling will be a good start, and I'll try it out first thing tomorrow.

> The first step is to reorganize the code. Then we'll try to make the code
> generator more customizable ( probably by using XSLT for some of the
> operations ). The real performance enhancement will come when we start
> tunning the generated code - there are many ideas around, but we need the
> refactoring first.

After having looked at the Jasper code, that seems like a good strategy

> If you have ideas, code or opinions - please get involved, we need you :-)

I will try, as time permits, as this is the single most
performance-heavy part of our system right now. Any improvements would
be incredibly useful.


Rickard Öberg
Software Development Specialist
xlurc - Xpedio Linköping Ubiquitous Research Center
Author of "Mastering RMI"

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