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From Casey Lucas <>
Subject Re: Jasper performance
Date Tue, 15 May 2001 14:53:18 GMT


As Glenn mentioned, Jasper is in the process of getting a rework.  But in the
mean time and since you mentioned taglibs, you may want to look at the tag
pooling module that was added to tc 3.3.  If your jsps use a lot of tags,
you should see a big performance gain.  Let me know if you have questions
about tag pooling.

I was hoping to add tag pooling to tc 4, but have been very busy.  So unless
I gain some spare time, you'll probably need to wait until the new Jasper
is available (at least for tag pooling).


Rickard Öberg wrote:
> Hi!
> We are using Tomcat/JBoss and are pleased with the actual functionality.
> What is killing us right now is the performance of the code generated by
> Jasper, especially when using taglibs in complex ways. The generated
> code is way too unoptimized.
> So, if this has not been asked before (in which case a RTFA is ok,
> although I've looked already), my question is:
> When will Jasper be rewritten?
> Are there any such projects underway now?
> Have there been any discussions about this yet?
> Am I the only one seeing this problem, or are more people concernced
> about it?
> Thanks,
>   Rickard
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> Rickard Öberg
> Software Development Specialist
> xlurc - Xpedio Linköping Ubiquitous Research Center
> Author of "Mastering RMI"
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