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From kevin seguin <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL AJP14] AJP13 Evolution - Second Pass
Date Thu, 10 May 2001 22:47:22 GMT
> On the native part, I'll need help for autoconf stuff and the
> JServ like JVM start. Jon could you help us here since you were
> on it on JServ ?
> I'd like to see someone take a look at APR, and how we could use it.
> May be by adding some wrapper code to avoid having #ifde USE_APR sprayed
> in all mod_jk.
> Volunteers ?
> On the C side code, all help will be welcome. I'm confident with the
> code but all help is also welcome (toc toc toc Dan).
> May be via review of the regular code commit.

i can help out on c code, time permitting.

> I'm pleased to see the proposal was actively discussed and since many
> users ask about integration of mod_jk and mod_webapp, I reiterate here
> my invitation to Pier.
> >I'll try to implement the Java side as you go with the C changes,
> >unless someone else volunteers ( jasper is taking more than
> >I expected, and xalan has a release planned in few weeks ).
> May be Kevin could help also and could commit it's AJP13 in
> jakarta-tomcat-connector.

most definitely.  my first priority (selfishly motivated :)), is to get
the ajp13 stuff checked in and working for tomcat 4.  after that, i'd
like to help out on the evolution of ajp13 into ajp14.

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